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Question 249

Why is there old calendarists and new calendarists, do we believe in the same thing or is the theology different?   


Answer to Question 249


There are two types of Old Calendarists and with one we are in full communion with and with the other we consider as schismatics and have no communion with. In the 1920s the Holy Synod of the church of Greece decided to adopt the New Calendar which all the world followed so that Greeks could celebrate Christmas with the rest of the world. After a few years the Church of Cyprus also adapted the New Calendar. The Churches of Russian and the eastern block did not take part in the decision because at that time they were under a communist regime. Mount Athos and the Church of Jerusalem decided to remain with the Old calendar. Thus with all these churches, even though we celebrate events on different calendars we are still in full communion. When Greece and Cyprus adopted the new calendar certain fanatics took offence and broke away from the church and formed their own church known as the Old Calendarist. With these churches we share the same faith and theology, but we have no communion with them because they broke away from the church.