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Question 232

Good morning Pater ,last week I asked you if the church did mnimosina on Christmas Eve as we have always held his mnimo on the last Sunday before Christmas because my father died on the 3rd January. You suggested we hold it on the 31st as it was closer to his passing . I have asked my local priest and two others and here in North London they only do memorials before Christmas and after phota .we originally thought my yiayia was confused with the Easter period but it seems that they will not do it here in the UK on 31st ?? What are your thoughts this? Thank you


Answer to Question 232


Yes I remember the question from last week. This surprises me because I know that in England they don't observe as strictly the rules for mnymosina during the Easter period or on the Great feasts as we do in Cyprus, so why should they observe a rule over the Christmas period? If that is the rule in England then you have no choice but to follow it, but in Cyprus we don't have such a rule for Christmas and I can't see any theological reason for it to be imposed.