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Question 224

Should a Christian teenager want to be Christened as a Greek Orthodox, what are the procedures?


Answer to Question 224


I'm not sure about the procedure in England, but in Cyprus teenagers under 18 are treated as children and don't need any special preparation other than booking the baptism with the priest. Over 18 is considered an adult and has to make an application to the bishop asking to be received as a candidate for baptism. He will then be assigned to a priest who will give him catechism lessons and when the priest believes he understands enough about the Orthodox faith will set the date for the baptism.


Same member

ok so the teenager is 16yrs old. She is Christian but always goes to our church. She has now decided she wants to be Christened as an Orthodox in CY next year. So all we need is a birth cert and book the Church?



Not all the bishop's from the various towns follow the same procedure. if you know which area in Cyprus you want the baptism, you must ring the appropriate metropolitan offices for confirmation. In Limassol we insist everyone joining the church must be baptised, but in other areas they receive people from other christian denominations such as Catholics and Church of England, only through the service of Chrismation (the application of Myro). In such cases the person must also produce a christening certificate as proof.