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Question 219

I was told that after a baby is christened then you shouldn't kiss the baby for a period of time? I'm asking because I have just seen some family photos of a christening.. were the family are kissing the there a rule on this, many thanks 


Answer to Question 219


I also have heard this from the yiayiades, but when I have asked why, they can never give me an answer. There is nothing in the Church's teaching that I know of that forbids kissing a newly baptised child. As far as I know this is just another of the many obscure yiayia sayings, usually based on some superstition. 


Another Member

I think it's because the holy chrism will go onto your mouth and it's holy.



Holy Chrism is applied to certain parts of the face, but not on the cheeks. With this theory everyone who partakes of Holy Communion which is holier than Holy Chrism should never be kissed on the mouth by anyone, because it does not have a wear out date.