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Question 218

A question to our forum priest, Can people of other faiths, be buried in a Cyprus Orthodox cemetery? ie UK expats, Protestants/Catholics etc. 


Answer to Question 218


I just rang the person in charge of the Limassol cemetery and his answer was that UK expats have their own cemetery and the majority of them are buried there. But if some other nationality has nowhere to be buried then they will be buried in a temporary grave in the main Limassol cemetery, but after five years will be exhumed and the bones placed in a box and placed in the ossuary found in the old Limassol cemetery.


Same Member

Thank you, for your reply, what if an ex pat doesn't want to be buried in an English cemetery, and wants to be buried in his Village cemetery where he lived, would our church object to this on the grounds that they are not Orthodox ?



Up to a few years back, all the cemeteries in Cyprus belonged to the Church, but now they are operated by the municipality or Village councils. The Church therefore has no say in who can or cannot be buried in a local cemetery. The Muhter is obliged to allocate part of the cemetery for the burial of foreigners,