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Question 209

Kalimera, I want your honest opinion based on your thoughts and of the churches, when a man/woman reaches a stage in there life where they feel that the walls are closing in on them because of certain events in their lives that are irreversible do they follow there heart or there faith


Answer to Question 209


 I'm not sure I understand what your asking, but something tells me that you should PM me


Another member

 I would also be interested to hear the answer to this. There may be things that we know the church does not agree with but what if your heart is telling you something else? How do we deal with this?



The problem is that you are asking me to generalize and the answer might be okay in one circumstance and not the other. I cannot tell you to follow your heart without knowing the problem because our hearts get hurt and feelings get confused whereas the faith is always stable and reliable. Each circumstance is judged individually and what a priest might advice one person doesn't necessarily mean that it is the same advice he would give to someone else with a similar problem.