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Question 192

Pader can you tell me what you think of the New Thinking getting rid of BC AD. 


Answer to Question 192


The use of the CE abbreviation was introduced by Jewish academics in the mid-19th century and has been popular in academic and scientific publications in the late 20th century. But to demand a change to the universally accepted abbreviations “BC and AD” now is just another of those “absurd political correctness” things so that it doesn’t offend non-Christians. It is in fact absolutely stupid because the dating will still remain the same with the coming of Christ remaining as the centre point of dating, so even though those who support the change want to remove any reference to Christ, they cannot delete him from history, unless they completely change the dating system and find another centre point to start from. Maybe they can use the date of Mohammed’s birth.  On a second thought the centre point of dating can begin from the 20th Century. BSE (Before Stupidity Era) and OSE (Ongoing Stupidity Era)