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Question 185

Morning pater. My other half had a thought the other day. I answered him but he doesn't believe he was baptised with a nouna and dada but they have since become Jehovah's witnesses. His question is where does that mean his baptism still stands? Does he need to get new Godparents? I think no but could you clarify?   


Answer to Question 185


The role of the Godparent is to represent the child and speak for him when asked if he renounces Satan and accepts Christ. That is all they did, they didn't baptise him. He was baptised by a priest who again is only the instrument of God in bestowing God's grace, but the grace and sanctification is directly from God. What God has granted cannot be taken away by others because of their choices in life. His baptism does not depend on humans but on God. Anyway as an adult he has no need of them anymore.