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Question 174

Pater if we consider the Baptismal service it is evident that the individual being Baptised into Christ renounces Satan as they now live for Jesus. My understanding from Scripture is that we are called to Repent and follows Christ Jesus..... A babe cannot Repent..... 


Answer to Question 174


A baby is sinless and has no need of repentance, but still needs to be joined to Christ. Holy Baptism is performed not just to rid us of sin, but is our participation in the death and Resurrection of our Lord. By Baptism we are grafted on to the Body of Christ and we acquire the power to conquer death. This is how we understand the baptism of babies. We baptize them so that they may become members of the Church, members of the Body of Christ, so that they may pass over death and overcome the garment of decay and mortality. In other words, as children grow and the nous becomes darkened by the passions and evil in the world, through baptism they have the ability to conquer death in Christ, they have the ability through the Church to overcome the passions and cleanse and purify the noetic part of their souls once more. This ability remains with them into adulthood and with the help of the sacraments and ascetic struggles ordained by the Church as tools to help in the purification process, they can acquire the power to defeat death and attain deification. For deification is the purpose of baptism and it can only be achieved in Christ and in the Church.