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Question 171

Can I ask!! It's a Christening question. Is it true that when a person christens a baby boy they can only christen boys and girls can only christen girls? If you see what I mean? For example, if I christen a girl, I can only christen girls


Answer to Question 171


There is nothing that says that someone cannot baptize children of the opposite sex, but if they do they have a responsibility to make sure that the children are aware of each other and let them know that they are spiritually brother and sister. The best way is for the godparent to baptize only boys or only girls so that they don't have to worry if by chance their godchildren grow up and meet each other and fall in love. Another way that many people do is for the wife to baptize one sex and the husband to baptize the other sex. 


Another member

But I also know that my dada christened me and a boy but he is my 1st cousin so not sure if that makes a difference pater



Yes it makes a difference because you can't marry your 1st cousin anyway so it is safe to baptize children of opposite sexes if they are related up to 2nd cousins.


3rd member

so by default you are saying that if my wife baptises a boy then she is the nouna but I am not really the dada?  



Your absolutely right, logically a couple are one and a relative of one is the relative of the other, and a godchild of one of the godchild of the other, but I suppose they had to draw the line somewhere. Also a couple is one in body, and relationships are according to the body, but here we are talking of spiritual relationships which probably don't count in the same way