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Question 170

Good Morning Pater, my question is about christenings....i am due to have my baby in a couple of weeks ( if he doesn't decide to come early lol), and I of course am already thinking about christening him and who the godparents will be etc....the only problem is I have never agreed or felt comfortable with the huge cost that the godparents incur for the privilege of being asked to be a nouna or a dada....What with the buying three of everything etc! Is it possible to speak privately with the priests at my church and possibly modify the service so that it's just a straight forward christening without all of the extra traditional stuff that I just feel uncomfortable with? Or will I just be shot down? Thanks in advance


Answer to Question 170


Good morning, the service is straight forward and doesn't demand for all the expense people make for baptisms. The buying of everything in threes is a lay custom and doesn't involve the church. The only thing we ask is for a cross which can be very expensive or even a cheap wooden one and a change of clothing for the child to wear after it is baptized. Also what is necessary is the towel and myropani and a hand towel for the priest. Everything else is between the parents and godparents.