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Question 167

Hi Father, do we need to fast on Saturday if taking holy communion on Sunday? I read online as long as you don't have anything to eat beforehand and no water you can have communion but don't you need to fast the day/week before? Many thanks   


Answer to Question 167


As Christians we are obliged to take Holy Communion every time we attend the Divine Liturgy. The Church doesn't officially say that we must fast before Communion, but she does say that we must fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturday is a non fasting day and if the church intended us to fast before Holy Communion then she would have prescribed that Saturdays should also be a fasting day. In general though, we do what our spiritual father advises us to do. Some fathers will tell you to fast, whereas others will tell you it isn't necessary as long as you fasted on Wednesday and Friday.