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Question 162

I often like to kabnise (incense) my home but I would like to know the correct words of what to say.  Is there a prayer to say during lighting the coal and olive leaves, and when walking around my home and blessing the family.  Thank you


Answer to Question 162


In church when a priest blesses the incense he says the following prayer:  “We offer incense unto Thee, O Christ our God, for a sweetsmelling savour of spiritual fragrance, which do thou accept upon Thy most heavenly altar; and send down upon us the grace of Thy most Holy Spirit.”  I cannot see why it cannot be said by a layperson as well. If fact it will help to understand why we offer incense to God. As the smoke rises to heaven we ask God to receive it and accept it as our prayer rising up before him. Having then accepted our prayer we ask him to send down upon us the grace of the Holy Spirit.