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Question 161

Hi Father, thank you for your post about organ donation as I wondered if this was something the Church would approve of too. As many others in the UK, I recently followed the case of baby Charlie Gard at Great Ormond Street hospital and the doctor's recommendations that his life support be switched off which conflicted with his family's wishes. I like many others had my own point of view but thank god have never been in this situation. I just wondered what a priest would advise in this situation if the parents had sought advice. If the doctors are advising from a medical point of view to do something to stop the suffering, what would the Church advise? Were Charlie's parents right for fighting for their son's life or wrong because he was suffering? Many thanks


Answer to Question 161


I also followed Charlieís plight. I think the parents were right in fighting for their sonís life, what parent wouldn't. The doctors clearly said that Charlie would die, but didnít give the parents the option to try elsewhere for a cure. If the doctors couldnít help him then they should have given the parents a choice before it was too late.


Same member

Thank you. It was a very sad case but the doctors were saying there was no cure and no point for him to continue suffering. This also happens when someone is in a coma for example. Does the Church go with the doctors or to keep fighting for the person to live? It's all very confusing when medicine is in the mix. Many thanks



The church doesn't come into conflict with doctors after all we believe that God has enlightened man with the knowledge of science, but we do not place them above God. Where doctors fail and are helpless to help, God has on countless occasions intervened and proved them wrong. So yes the church would say to keep fighting, but also not to lose faith.


Same member

Thank you very much. I also believe there is always hope in every situation and to not lose faith as God is merciful and hears our prayers. Whenever going through a difficult time I always say God give me strength and he does