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Question 157

Good morning father. Next year I will become nouna to a lovely young lady of 27. She is going to do the required lessons in the UK. If all's well I will baptize her here in Cyprus and she will marry in our church the following week. The father in our church at Lymbia is fine with it so long as she gets the required documents and all is sorted before the day. Is there anything required from me that is different from when you baptize baby? I know she will wear a long white gown for the christening.          


Answer to Question 157


Not really but you don't need to buy everything in three. Also as she is an adult you will not have to say anything because she can speak for herself. Will the church in Lymbia have a large adult font or is the priest going to use a barrel or something similar? I don't agree with the long white gown because when it gets wet it becomes see-through. I always tell the women candidates to wear a swimsuit which are designed for water and on top of this to wear a t-shirt and shorts. The other problem with the gown is that when getting into the water the gown lifts up and can be a little embarrassing.