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Question 148

Why if women should not go to Church when they have their monthly, do girls go with lipstick & short skirts? Should this be allowed?         


Answer to Question 148


But women can go to church and kiss the icons while on their monthly, the only thing they cannot do according to the canons of the church is partake of Holy Communion. As for short skirts, I personally have no problem with them as long as they are accompanied with the right legs. But as you say respect is the word and people should dress appropriately to church. As a guideline, women’s dresses should be modest. No tank tops or dresses with only straps at the shoulders, no mini-skirts, and no skin-tight dresses. Dresses should have backs and not be low cut in the front. Shorts of any type are not appropriate for church and women should avoid wearing trousers, not because they are indecent, but because many of the older generation still consider trousers to be attire only for men and become scandalised when seeing a woman entering Church wearing trousers. This is beginning to die out, but is it still very relevant in small villages where the population is mostly old people. Women should refrain from wearing lipstick in Church, but if they can’t do without, then they shouldn’t kiss the Icons. It is irreverent not only to God and his saints, but also to our fellow Christians. Its disgusting to go and kiss an Icon only to find it covered in greasy lipstick or when having communion to see the communion spoon covered with this substance as it enters our mouths. In general women should not wear any makeup in Church. It is like putting a mask over the face that God has created, a false image like Jezebel in the Old Testament who painted her face in order to seduce her enemy. God doesn’t need painted faces to worship him and certainly doesn’t need to be dazzled or seduced with what many women consider beautiful. God sees the beauty and pureness of our hearts and our faces should reflect that inner beauty. There is a time and place for all things and painted faces might be appropriate for an evening out, but definitely not for Church. But this is going to start another heated debate because many women can't leave their house unless they cover their faces with a ton of makeup.