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Question 144

Morning Father Christopher, my question is during the 40 days mourning period, is there any religious connection or just custom for the men not to shave?         


Answer to Question 144


I can't see any religious connection, it is an outward sign telling others that you are in mourning as also is wearing black. If we go back to the Old Testament the noticeable Jewish tradition for someone in mourning was to wear sackcloth and throw ashes on your head. Funny enough in Ancient Greece it was the custom for men to grow beards but to shave it as a sign of mourning.


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That's the answer I was hoping for, it's always the same when these old traditions keep popping up it always goes back to its Gods word and you will be punished if you shave within the 40 days



God doesn't punish. It is a tradition and in a way it is good because during that time of 40 days being unshaven reminds us of the person who has past over so in a sense it is like an unspoken prayer or a dedication and remembrance. Of course it doesn't mean that if you shave you think less of that person, but traditions are strong and sometimes it is best not to fight them. 40 days past very quickly.


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Beard it is then