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Question 139

I'm a believer but really can't take going to church, I used to be the devil himself when younger and done some terrible things in my life but realised everything I done came back to me worse. For the last 10 or so years I've tried to live a decent life and help others if I can and be a good father and husband am I stuffed for when I die or is there hope for me yet?          


Answer to Question 139


We have all done things in our youth that we regret. That is part of the getting wiser with age, we grow with experience. If God were to judge us all on our mistakes then there would be no one righteous and heaven would be an empty place. The only thing we have is hope in God's love for mankind, but we also need to work towards that hope. I can understand what you say about church, but it will do you good to go occasionally and take the children with you. By not going yourself your children will neither go so you are depriving not only yourself from spiritual growth but also your children.


Same member

I go at Easter father and have taken the kids but I'm ashamed to say it's really not for me in there



With so many attending church at Easter, it's like a madhouse so it's not the perfect time to appreciate a normal Orthodox service. The best place where I know you will feel differently is the Monastery of St. John the Baptist in Essex. It's an hour's drive from London but it's well worth the experience. It's the only place I used to go to in England every week. You will definitely see and appreciate the difference.


Same member

and in my youth it was more than just a few thinks I regret father I was a very bad man, I won't go into it on here but it was a criminal type of bad and I've hurt many people physically and done a lot of stuff that normal people don't do. I've not committed any crime for years now and wouldn't anymore but that's why I ask if I'm stuffed and going downstairs



Moses killed a man. St. Paul persecuted Christians, imprisoned them and gave his blessing to having them stoned. St. Mary of Egypt was a prostitute who went with as many men as she could. We have many more saints who did terrible things before repenting. From what you say you have also repented of your evil deeds because repentance simply means a change of heart and mind. If there was hope for them there is hope for you, but you must allow God to show you his promise of salvation.