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Question 131

Hi Father, many charismatic churches speak in tongues. When I was younger I visited a few such churches and found that many members whilst praying find themselves in a trance like state and start speaking in other languages. An Orthodox priest I met told me that is is demonic deception and he added that this is one of the ways Satan enters such churches. What is the view of the Orthodox church on such practices? Are they demonic deception?          


Answer to Question 131


I would also agreed with the priest that you asked. I gave a talk on the subject a few years ago which I would love to post so that others can read the answer, but it is too long to post. I can only post the link and ask you to read it and then you can tell me what you believe



Same member


Hi Father, it's a very interesting and well written post.I feel its definitely demonic deception!!! 




 That is the only logical answer