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Question 130

I recently saw a clip of a Muslim cleric explaining why they don't put Jesus above any other disciple (sp) as like Muhammed he was sent here to spread the word of God and as we are all of God's children he is no different from the others. My question is why do we follow Jesus over any of the other disciples (sp)? If I'm honest what he said made sense to me and I've been wondering ever since? Please forgive my ignorance. Although baptised I know very little of the whys and where's of our religion.           


Answer to Question 130


The answer is simple, Jesus is not a disciple or a prophet. Muslims recognize Jesus only as a prophet similar to Muhammed, but we believe according to the Gospels that Jesus is the Son of God which means he is God in the flesh. 


Same member


But are we not all the children of God? This is what confuses me? Can you point me in the direction of a simple book that may explain these questions? I have read the Bible many years ago. Maybe I should again but my memory and understanding is off due to illness and medication and I'm put off by the language used in most religious text.




 As you say we are all god's children, but we do not all believe in the same God. Do not read all the Bible, but concentrate on reading the New Testament especially the Gospels. For added material I don't know what is available in English, but I found "The Orthodox Church" by Kallistos Ware very helpful when I began to discover the church. .