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Question 128

My mother who is 89years old is upset that my daughter (Greek orthodox) had her son christened in a Methodist church. She says we have left the child avafdisdon (unbaptized). Should I encourage her to go to a Greek church? The boy is 5 now.          


Answer to Question 128


The question is why did your daughter opt to christen her son in the Methodist church? If she has rejected the Orthodox Church then that is her right and privilege and we always respect people’s choices. For us anyone christened outside of the church is not baptized and if she ever chooses to return to the Orthodox Church which her son, then he would have to be baptised in the Orthodox Church.


Same member


The father was not religious. No one understands the Greek language used in the baptism and no Greek church close by are the only reasons 




 Then I think you should speak to her of returning to the Orthodox Church and having her son baptised. There are Churches that can do the service in English, but if you don't find a priest you can always come to Cyprus and I would gladly do the service in English and if the boy is embarrassed of being completely naked I would allow for him to wear shorts.