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Question 119

Father I have question for you regarding absentee godparents is it permissible to have that child christened once again or is this not necessary how would an individual take up the said role without a blessing of sorts?     


Answer to Question 119


We are only baptized once and cannot be re-baptized. I have been asked of this many times. In some cases it is because of absentee godparents and at others it is because the choice of godparents was a mistake and there is no communication due to misunderstandings and falling out of friendship.  I would say that if there is a real need for the child to have the presence of a godparent then someone can adopt the child as his or her godchild. There is no blessing for such a thing, just someone adopting the role of godparent. We have adoptions for children when we cannot have our own children, so why not have an adopted godchild who would become your spiritual son or daughter.