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Question 118

My question is also about names at christenings. Why do some priests accept certain names and others do not. As an example my goddaughter is called Isabella. The priest that took the baptism refused to christen her that and chose Elizabeth instead saying there was no Ayia Isabella. However her yiayia (my auntie) is called Aglaia and my mum her sister is called Xanthi. Now there is no ayia for either of those names and they have both been baptised with those names. Please can you explain why some are allowed non ayia or biblical names and others not. Thank you      


Answer to Question 118


Before booking the baptism people shown speak with the priest about the name they what for their child. There are many priests that are fanatical about using the original forms of names and that they have to be Christian. This could be because of the directions of the bishop so they are only being obedient to the bishop's requests. Like I said in the previous answer, in Limassol we baptise children according to the name that is on the birth certificate so that both the Christian and legal name are in agreement. Many priests are also prejudice with English names, but when it comes to Greek names that are not Christian, but Greek names from Ancient Greece they still accept them. So what they are really saying is that we don't care what name it is as long as it's Greek. But you mention that Aglaia and Xanthi are not Christian names. I have to prove you wrong as say that there there is a St. Aglaia which celebrates on 19th December and a St. Xanthias that celebrates on 9th March