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Question 117

Hello father my name is Mary and birth certificate is Mary when we christened my granddaughter her middle name is Mary but the priest would not do this only would use the name Maria does it matter yes it hurt me nobody knows me as Maria why not use the name Mary still religious so if I got buried in the Greek orthodox what would I be as nobody ever calls me Maria please can you reply many thanks      


Answer to Question 117


The name Maria or Mary is the name of the Mother of God. In Greek it is Maria, but the translators of the English Bible translated it as Mary. The priest simply used the proper Greek variation of the name. Many Marias are also known in Greek as Μαίρη, Μαρούλλα, Μάρω, Μαριώ but there baptismal name is Maria. I think it doesn't really matter which variation we use, they are all in honour of the Mother of God. Your granddaughters legal name is what is written on her birth certificate so if it is Mary then that is what she should be called. In my parish this is what we use as the baptismal name. So if I did the baptism and her birth certificate wrote Mary as her name then that is what I would have baptised her. As for your funeral don't worry, just let the family know and get them to insist that the priest refers to you as Mary. However we spell our name God knows who we are.