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Question 111

I have a question it has been years and years since Na medalavo because I'm allergic to alcohol and I can't take the holy communion. Is there anything else I can do in its place that would have the same meaning??     


Answer to Question 111


There is nothing that can take the place of Holy Communion. The question is how allergic are your to alcohol? The amount given in Holy Communion is minimal depending on which Commandaria the priest uses. Some bottled varieties have added alcohol which helps to preserve the wine. In Cyprus many of us use Commandaria bought from wineries straight from the barrel which is pure without the added alcohol. You should speak with your priest about his and maybe he can give you the Body of Christ before he adds it to the Blood and then just touch your lips with the spoon that was dipped into the Blood. An another way is for him to give you Communion from the dried reserve Communion which we have for giving Communion to those in hospital or those that cannot attend Church. When it was fresh the Body was dipped into the Blood, but in its dried form any alcohol should have evaporated. We normally add wine to this to soften it before giving it to someone, but instead of wine he can soften it with water. If you canít find a priest who would do this for you, look me up next time youíre in Cyprus and I would be more than happy to give you Communion in one way or the other.