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Question 1.

How does our church explain dreams. My mother in law died last year & lately I keep seeing her in my dreams. Should I pay attention to what advise is coming through or should I ignore it?


Answer to Question 1.

Dreams are not to be trusted. We do not know enough about the state of the soul when we are sleeping, but Holy Scripture is full of accounts of how God speaks to people through dreams. Joseph was told in a dream to take Mary as his wife and that the Child in her womb was from God, again he was told in a dream to depart with Mary and the Child and go to Egypt because Herod sought to kill the Child. Dreams therefore are used by God to reveal his will to us and many Saints have appeared in dreams to people. But demons can also use dreams to delude us. For example, someone might see in a dream that a friend or relative has departed. On waking the person is perplexed as to what the dream could mean. He phones the person only to discover that the person did indeed pass away at the very hour he saw the dream. You might ask "where is the deception" Demons often use the truth cunningly. The person who saw the dream will from now on believe that his dreams come true: he will trust his dreams leaving himself open to demonic deception.