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Τελείται μικρά παράκληση στη Θεοτόκο στο σπίτι όταν το ζητούν οι πιστοί κατά την διακαινήσιμο εβδομάδα ή όχι;


Translation of Question:

If requested, is the Small Supplicatory Canon to the Mother of God sung during Bright Week in homes of the faithful?

Answer to Question 6:
In the Book of Hours it says of the Small Supplicatory Canon “Sung on every occasion when in affliction of soul” Nowhere is there reference to whether or not it is said during Bright Week. As far as I know, only memorial services for the departed are forbidden during this week: all other services are allowed according to the Priest’s own discretion and the seriousness of each case or circumstance. But I believe that there is no sever
e reason which would judge necessary the singing of the Small Supplicatory Canon during Bright Week and especially in someone’s home. It would be better for the Priest to persuade the faithful who requested the service to have it served the following week. If the occasion for the request is actually for a person who is severely ill, then it would be better to serve the office of Holy Unction for him and give him Holy Communion. On the other hand, if the Small Supplicatory Canon is to avoid an imminent danger that would affect the community or even the whole country, then it would be of great benefit to everyone to beseech the help and protection of the Most holy Mother of God as soon as possible on whatever day or hour. But in this case it would be better to serve the Small Supplicatory Canon in Church and not in someone’s home.