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2020                              NOVEMBER                               2020

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Sts. Cosmas & Damian, Selfless Physician / David of Euboia / Helen of Sinopi / James Presbyter

Sts. Acindynus,


Aphthonius, Elpidephorus &  Pegasius


Sts. George

Greatmartyr /

Acepsimas / Aethalas /Joseph



Sts. Joannicius /

Nicander of Myra

Gerontius & Polychronia, Parents of St. George

Sts. Galaction & Episteme / Aps. Linus First Pope of Rome, Gaius Hermas, Patrobas & Philologus

Sts. Demetrianus of Kythrea, Cyprus /

Paul of Const/ople /

Barlaam of Khutyn / Herman

 of Kazan

Sts. Lazarus

 Gallesiotes /  Thessalonica /  Hieron / Eugene of Melitene


  No Fast 9   No Fast 10  No Fast 11    FAST 12    No Fast 13    Oil + Wine

14     No Fast

Synaxis of the

Holy Archangels

and Angels




Sts. Nectarius of Aegina / Sopatra /

Porphyrius Theoctista of Lesvo / Symeon


Sts. Arsenius the Cappadocian /  Orestes / Apostles Erastus, Olympas, Quartus & Rodion


Sts. Victor & Menas Gr/martyrs

Vincent, Deacon /

Theodore the Studite / Stephen

of Decani, Serbia

Sts. John the Merciful / Martin of Tours/ Nilus the Sinaite / Nilus of Athos /  Cadwallader

King of Wales

St. John I, Chrysostom

Patriarch of Constantinople



Apostle Philip / Sts.

Gregory Palamas

/ Euphemianus of

Cyprus / Constantine

of Hydra


15   Fish

16     Fish

17     Fish

18    FAST

19    Fish   

20      FAST

21     Fish  

Start of Christmas Fast

Sts. Paisius Velichovsky / Abibus / Gurius / Samonas/ Theodora

The Apostle and

Evangelist Matthew

/ St. Iphigenia




Sts. Gregory

of Neocaesarea /

Gennadius of Athos/

Nikon of Radonezh/

Hilda of Whitby


Sts. Anastasius

New Martyr of Paramythia 1750 /

 Platon / Romanus



Prophet Obadiah / Sts. Barlaam Joasaph of India

Philaret Ddrozdov

of Moscow / Anthimus

Sts. Edmund of England / Gregory

of Decapolis / Sozomenus of  Cyprus / Proclus of Constantinople

Entry into the Temple  

of The Most holy Mother of God



22     Fish

23   Fish

24     Fish

25    FAST

26   Fish

27       FAST 28   Fish

St. Iakovos Tsalikis/ Apostles

Philemon &

Onesimus /Sts.

Sozomenus of Cyprus / Cecilia

Sts. Amphilochius

of Iconium/ Gregory

of Agrigentum / Meropa/ Alexander

Nevsky of Russia/

Helenus of Tarsus

Sts. Clement Pope

of Rome / Peter

of Alexandria /

Philoumenus /

Mercurius The


Sts. Catherine &

Mercurius the





Sts. Stylianus of

Paphlagon /Nikon

 The Preacher of

Repentance /

Alypius the Stylite/

George of Chios

Sts. James the

Persian / Nathanael

/ Diodorus of

Yuriev Monastery



Sts. Irenarchus /

Stephen the New/

Theodore of

Rostov / Socrates 

of Tiverioupolis


29   Fish 30   Fish          

Sts. Philoumenus

of Jacob's well,

1979 / Paramonus

/ Philoumenus/

Nicholas of


Apostle Andrew

 The First-called /

St. Frumentius

The Enlightener of Abyssinia