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2017                              MARCH                               2017




1        FAST

2    FAST

3         FAST

4    WINE + OIL









Sts. David of

Wales / Eudokia

/ Marcella



St. Nicholas Planas




 (1st Stanza of Akathist Hymn)

Sts. Eutropius / Cleonicus / Theodoretus

St. Gerasimus of Jordan




5    WINE + OIL

6       FAST 

7      FAST

8        FAST


10     FAST

11  WINE + OIL

 (Sunday of Orthodoxy)

Sts. Mark of Athens / Conon / Conon the Gardener / Ciaran

The Forty Two Martyrs of Amoria / Baldred




Sts. Laurence/ Aetherius/ Arcadius





 Sts. Theophylactus of Nicomedia / Felix  of Dunwich



The 40 martyrs of Sebaste





2nd Stanza of Akathist Hymn

Sts. Codratus of Corinth / Anastasia of Patrikia


Sts. Sophronius of Jerusalem / Angus




12 WINE + OIL 

13    FAST

14   FAST

15   FAST

16   FAST

17   FAST

18  WINE + OIL

St. Gregory Palamas

Sts. Gregory The Dialogist / Symeon the New Theologian

Sts. Nicephorus of Constantinople/ Publius of Athens



St. Benedict of Nursia / Matilda / Alexander



Sts. Aristoboulus/ Manuel of Chres




St. Christdoulus of Patmos





3rd Stanza of Akathist Hymn

Sts. Alexis the

Man of God /

 Patrick of Ireland


Sts. Cyril of Jerusalem / Trophimus / Edward of England



19 WINE + OIL 20   FAST 21     FAST 22   FAST  23   FAST  24     FAST   25    FISH

Veneration of the Cross

Sts. Chrysanthus / Daria of Rome


Fathers slain at the Monastery of St.Savva /

St. Cuthbert


Sts. James the

Confessor / Cyril

Bishop of Catania

/ Serapion


Sts. Basil of

Ancyra / Callinica

/ Drosida



St. Nikon





4th Stanza of Akathist Hymn

Sts. Artemon of Seleucia / Artemon of Laodicia

The Annunciation of the Mother of God



26   WINE + OIL

27     FAST

28       FAST

29   FAST

30     FAST

31  FAST


Dismissal of the Annunciation feast

Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel



St. Matrona of Thessalonica




Sts. Herodion /
Hilarion / Stephen
Abbot of Tryglia




Sts. Cyril / Mark of Arethusia / Gwynllyw




The Great Canon

St. John of the Ladder /

St. John of the Well


 The Akathist Hymn

Sts. Hypatius of Gangra /Innocent & Jonah of Moscow