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2017                              JUNE                               2017



      1    No Fast 2   Oil + Wine 3       No Fast










Sts. Justin The Philosopher/ Justus Martyr / David of Georgia


Sts. Nicephorus of Constantinople/
Susanna+Zaboulon of Georgia/Erazmo


 Saturday of the Departed Souls

Sts. Lucillian / Paula/ Kevin of glendalough

4  No Fast 5    No Fast 6    No Fast 7     FAST FREE 8     No Fast 9    FAST FREE 10  No Fast

Holy Pentecost






Monday of the Holy Spirit

Sts. Dorotheus of Tyre/ Boniface of Germany/ Peter

of Serbia 

Sts. Gelasius/ Hilarion of Dalmatus Mon./




Sts. Sebastiana /

Theodotus of Ancyra / Zenais




Sts. Calliope/ John of Kronstadt /  

 Theophanes of Constantinople



Sts.Cyril of Alexandria / Columba of Iona




Sts. Pansemna/ Alexander/ Antonina/ John Maximovitch of Tobolsk


11  No Fast 12     Fish 13    Fish 14    FAST 15   Fish 16   FAST 17    Fish

Sunday of All Saints

Apostles Barnabas

  + Bartholomew /


 of Basa, Cyprus

Start of the Aposlte's fast

St. Onuphrius The Egyptian/ Peter of Athos/ Zenon of Curium, Cyprus

Sts. Triphyllius of Cyprus/ Aquillina/
Andronicus of Moscow


Prophet  Elisseus /

Sts. Methodius of Constantinople/ George Mstislav



Prophet Amos /

Sts. Augustine of Hippo / Jerome /

Ap. Achaicus



Sts. Tikhon + 

Mnemonius of  Cyprus




Sts. Philonides of Cyprus/ Nectan

of Hartland/

 Botolph/ of Iken, Suffolk


18    Fish 19    Fish 20   Fish 21   FAST 22  Fish 23   FAST 24    Fish

Sts. Leontius of Cyprus/ Leontius

/Theodulus/  Hypatius



Apostle Jude/

Job of Moscow/

Paisius The Great/ Paisius of Hilandari


Sts. Callistus of Constantinople/  

Methodius of Patara/ Nahum



St. Julian of Cicilia   

Nicetas/ Nisyrius

Newmartyr 1732/

Archil II, King of Georgia

Sts. Eusebius of Samosata/ Alban

Protomartyr of Britain



Sts. Agrippina of Rome/ Aristocles + Athanasius + Demetrius of Cyprus


Nativity of St. John, the Baptist





25  Fish

26     Fish

27    Fish

28   FAST

29   No Fast

30 Oil + Wine


Sts. Febronia/

 Dionysius The Athonite/ Libya




Sts. David of Thessalonica/

John of the Goths/

Anthimus of Georgia


Sts. Sampson

 The Hospitable/





St. Cyrus +John  Selfless Physicians/

Herman + Sergius

of Valaam/ Sergius of Magistras

Feast of the Holy Apostles 

Peter and Paul




Synaxis of the 

12 Apostles