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2016                              MAY                               2016

1   No Fast 2    No Fast 3   No Fast 4   FAST FREE 5   No Fast 6  FAST FREE 7    No Fast

Holy Pascha

The Resurrection

of our Lord





Monday of Bright Week

Sts. George

Sts. Athanasius
The Great /

Tuesday of Bright Week 

Sts. Raphael /

Nicholas / Irene

Sts. Timothy + Maura / Xenia


Wednesday of Bright Week

Sts. Nicephorus of Athos / Pelagia of Tarsus



Thursday of Bright Week

Sts. Irene Greatmartyr /


Friday of

Bright Week

Righteous Job/ Seraphim 




Saturday of

Bright Week

Sts. Alexis Toth/ John of Beverley/
Nilus of Athos



8  No Fast 9  No Fast 10   No Fast

11 Oil + Wine

12   No Fast 13 Oil + Wine 14   No Fast

Thomas Sunday

Sts. John The Theologian / Arsenius The Great  / Emilia

St. Christopher / Prophet Isaiah
St. Nicholas The New


Sts. Simon The Zealot/ Comgall of Bangor / Laurence


Sts. Methodius + Cyril Equal to the Apostles / Argyres New Martyr


Sts. Epiphanius of

 Cyprus  /Germanus of  Constantinople



Glykeria / Gabriel,

Euthymius +
George of Iviron



Sts. Therapon of Cyprus/ Isidore
 of Chios/ Isidore of Rostov


15  No Fast 16 No Fast 17   No Fast

18  Oil + Wine 

19  No Fast

20 Oil + Wine

21  No Fast

Sunday of the Myrrhbearers

Sts. Panegyrius of Cyprus / Achillius

/ Pachomius The


 Sts. Brendan the Navigator/

Theodore The Sanctified



Sts. Theophanes of Solea / Andronicus Apostle




Sts. Julia / Peter / Euphrasia of





13 Martyrs of Kantara, Cyprus/ Sts. Dunstan of Canterbury



Sts. Lydia The

Purple-seller / Thalleleus / Thalasius



St. Constantine + Helen





22   No Fast

23  No Fast

24  No Fast

25    Fish

26   No Fast

27 Oil + Wine

28 No Fast

Sunday of the


Sts. Basiliscus / Paul of Tripoli /
 John [Vladimir] King of Serbia

Sts. Leontius of Rostov / Michael of Synnada / Joachim of Vatopedi



Sts. Cyriacus of Cyprus / Nicetas The Stylite





3rd Finding of Head of St. John the Baptist / Bede the Venerable


Sts. Synesius of Cyprus/ Carpus+

Alphaeus, Ap




Sts. Augustine of Cantebury / John The Russian / 

Therapon of Cyprus


Sts. Demetrius of Peloponnesus /




29  No Fast

30   No Fast

31  No Fast


Sunday of Samaritan Woman

St. Theodosia of Caesarea / Alexander of Alexandria


Sts. Isaac of Dalmatian Mon./
 Walstan of
 Norfolk, England


Sts. Hermias / Philosophus