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2016                              JUNE                               2016



    1  Oil + Wine 2   No Fast 3   Oil + Wine 4  No Fast








Sts. Justin The Philosopher/ Justus Martyr / David of Georgia

Sts. Nicephorus of Constantinople/
Susanna+Zaboulon of Georgia/Erazmo

Sts. Lucillian / Paula/ Kevin of glendalough


Sts. Metrophanes of Constantinople/

Martha + Maria

Sisters of Lazarus

No Fast 6     No Fast 7    No Fast 8      Fish 9     No Fast 10   Oil + Wine 11  No Fast

Sunday of the Blindman

Sts. Dorotheus of Tyre/ Boniface of Germany/ Peter

of Serbia 

Sts. Gelasius/ Hilarion of Dalmatus Mon./




Sts. Sebastiana /

Theodotus of Ancyra / Zenais




Leave-taking of Pashca

Sts. Calliope/ John of Kronstadt /  

 Theophanes of Constantinople

The Ascension of our Lord





Sts. Pansemna/ Alexander/ Antonina/ John Maximovitch of Tobolsk


Apostles Barnabas

  + Bartholomew /


 of Basa, Cyprus



12  No Fast 13   No Fast 14  No Fast 15    FAST 16  No Fast 17   FAST 18   No Fast

Fathers of 1st Ecumenical Council

St. Onuphrius The Egyptian/ Peter of Athos/ Zenon of Curium, Cyprus

Sts. Triphyllius of Cyprus/ Aquillina/
Andronicus of Moscow


Prophet  Elisseus /

Sts. Methodius of Constantinople/ George Mstislav



Prophet Amos /

Sts. Augustine of Hippo / Jerome /

Ap. Achaicus



Sts. Tikhon + 

Mnemonius of  Cyprus




Sts. Philonides of Cyprus/ Nectan

of Hartland/

 Botolph/ of Iken, Suffolk


 Saturday of the Departed Souls

Sts. Leontius of Cyprus/ Leontius

/Theodulus/  Hypatius

19    Fish 20   No Fast 21  No Fast 22   FAST FREE 23  No Fast 24   FAST FREE 25  No Fast

Holy Pentecost






Monday of the Holy Spirit

Sts. Callistus of Constantinople/  

Methodius of Patara/ Nahum

St. Julian of Cicilia   

Nicetas/ Nisyrius

Newmartyr 1732/

Archil II, King of Georgia

Sts. Eusebius of Samosata/ Alban

Protomartyr of Britain



Sts. Agrippina of Rome/ Aristocles + Athanasius + Demetrius of Cyprus


Nativity of St. John, the Baptist





Sts. Febronia/

 Dionysius The Athonite/ Libya




26  No Fast

27     Fish

28   Fish

29  Fish

30  No Fast


Sunday of All Saints

Sts. David of Thessalonica/

John of the Goths/

Anthimus of Georgia

Start of the Aposlte's fast

Sts. Sampson

 The Hospitable/




St. Cyrus +John  Selfless Physicians/

Herman + Sergius

of Valaam/ Sergius of Magistras


Feast of the Holy Apostles 

Peter and Paul





Synaxis of the 

12 Apostles